Broker Partners in Colorado

Realtor®-Client Registration Form and Code of Mutual Understanding.

William Lyon Homes values our partnerships with Realtors® and strives to make this important collaboration as effortless as possible for you and your clients.

By accompanying your client to site on their first visit and registering with our on-site sales representative you will establish your agency relationship and receive a full commission when your client closes on a new home in the community where they are registered. William Lyon Homes will honor your agency for 30 days from the date of registration in direct accordance with the following rules and regulations:

  1. The client must confirm the agency relationship with this Realtor®.
  2. William Lyon Homes acknowledges this agreement has a single price policy — the same price holds if the sale is completed by one of our sales representatives or in conjunction with a co-op broker.
  3. Each William Lyon Home Sales Center is a separate entity.
  4. The Realtor® is protected for 30 days following registration and must re-register in writing after this time.
  5. Any registration is automatically superseded by a new registration of the same client by another Real Estate Agent.
  6. The William Lyon Homes Sales Representative is trained to communicate directly with the prospect, write sales agreements and facilitate financial programs.
  7. William Lyon Homes expects the Realtor® to be present at the signing of the Sales Agreement, help client assess financial qualifications, complete the loan application and attend the closing.

If a contract for a new home is written with this client that includes you as the cooperating broker, William Lyon Homes will pay a commission in accordance with William Lyon Homes’ Realtor® Co-op Policy. Commission is only paid at closing. If such closing does not occur, including default by William Lyon Homes of its obligations under any contract, no commission shall be paid. All parties signing below hereby acknowledge receipt of a copy of this document.